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Below are blogs I have written about writing and with writing advice and resources. They will be updated as I write them.

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Blogs On Worldbuilding

Want a deeper examination of worldbuilding? Check out our book Build Better Worlds an Introduction to Anthropology for Game Designers, Fiction Writers, and Filmmakers on Amazon!!! This book has all the building blocks needed for building a more authentic and immersive world based on real social science!

Worldbuilding Part 1 – Using Anthropology to Build Worlds

Worldbuilding Part 2 – Key Elements of Cultures

Worldbuilding Part 3 – Constructing Characters and Identity 

Why the Hell Did They Do That: How To Understand People or Characters

Worldbuilding Part 4 – Six Things To Think About When Constructing Myth In Fiction

Worldbuilding Part 5 – Monsters, Aliens, and Evil Androids an Exploration of Fear and Anxiety

Worldbuilding Part 6: Cognitive Maps, Magic, and Super Powers

17 Things I learned From Teaching Anthropology and Cultural Diversity

Podcasts, Videos, and Recordings on Worldbuilding and Diversity

Worldbuilding on the Cheap: A Recording of a Panel Discussion(Cosine Comicon January 2020)

Recorded Panels from Denver Fan Expo 2021 on Myth/Religion and Worldbuilding

Adding Diversity to Your Writing: A Panel Discussion from Cosine 2023

Build Better Worlds: Anthropology for Writers: Podcast Episode on The Creative Penn Podcast

Guest Spot on This Anthro Life Podcast

What’s Your World Look Like? Beyond the Pen Podcast

Build Better Worlds Chapter Reading and Q&A on Worldbuilding by Michael Kilman and Kyra Wellstrom

Michael Kilman and Kyra Wellstrom: Anthropology & Speculative Fiction (HPSfAA Fall Conference 2020)

I Did a Ted Talk on Anthropology, Worldbuilding and Why Diversity Matters

General Writing Advice

Be A Better Writer: Resources And Tips To Improve Your Craft

Rereading to Improve Your Craft

My Morning Writer Mantra

What My Characters Taught Me About Writing

Your Book Idea Probably Isn’t Original: Here’s Why That Doesn’t Matter

Creating Tension in Writing

The Importance of Storytellers and Douglas Adams (Excerpt for the Battle for Langeles)