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About me:
My name is Michael Kilman and I am an anthropologist, filmmaker, artist, writer, and musician. In 2014 I graduated with an M.S. in Anthropology at Portland State University. While there I focused on topics like globalization, sustainable development, and media systems. build-better-worlds-ebook-coverv8-blendI have also spent a sizable portion of my career working with various Native American tribes in the American Southwest. If you want to learn more about anthropology, check out my YouTube series Anthropology in 10 or Less

My non fiction book Build Better Worlds: An Introduction to Anthropology for Game Designers, Fiction Writers, and Filmmakers is out December 2020.

4-book-promo-with-author-elite-sticker-via-kindleI am also a fiction writer. My current work in progress is the Chronicles of the Great Migration, a Sci-Fi Series about giant walking cities and a war between telepaths in a far future earth. The first book Mimi of the Nowhere  (finalist in a best of sci-fi contest) explores the life of Mimi, a homeless telepath who always thought she was the only one of her kind. I am currently writing book 5 in the series, The Children of AEIS.

You can find my published works for sale here

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