Anthropology in 10 or Less



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Looking for longer more robust discussions with real anthropologists and social scientists? Check out our series, Anthropological Inquiries where we spend an hour with a social scientist discussing their research. 


Episode 1: What the F*** is Anthropology?

Episode 2: Understanding Culture


Episode 3: Cultural Appropriation 

Episode 4: Race Part 1: The Biology of Skin Color

Episode 5: Introduction to Archeology

Episode 6: Race Part 2: The Origin of the Race Concept  

Episode 7: The Sapir/Whorf Hypothesis 

Episode 8: Race Part 3: Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and Human Zoos

Episode 9: Religion Part 1: An Anthropology of Religion

Episode 10: Sickle Cell Anemia

Episode 11: Race Part 4: Whiteness and White Trash

Episode 12: Understanding Diversity and the 3Cs

Episode 13 Race as a Technology of Power

Episode 14: Religion Part 2 The Limits of Rationalism in Studying Religion

Episode 15: Religion Part 3: What Types of Religion Are There?