Serah of the Runners

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Serah of the Runners is the 4th Entry in the Chronicles of the Great Migration and immediately follows the events of The Battle for Langeles

Manhatsten is in chaos, and the city AI has vanished. 

The battle for Langeles is over, and it’s clear nothing will ever be the same. Security forces are scattered, the Runnercore is gone, and many are missing in the aftermath of the battle. In the streets, the Lowers are organizing, and rebellion is spreading. The city is on the verge of tearing itself apart.

It’s up to Serah to find the few that remain of the Order of the Eye and discover a way to unite the city before Miranda and the Recycled return to finish what they started. 

But from afar someone is watching Manhatsten – a force older than the city itself. 

Sample Chapters (Massive Series Spoilers)

Chapter 1: A Long Way Down

Chapter 2: A Shadow on Luna

Chapter 3: Serah’s Search