Mimi of the Nowhere

Mimi of the Nowhere

Book 1 of the Chronicles of the Great Migration

A Novel By Michael Kilman

Available In Ebook and Paperback 

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The world has become a strange place after climate change. Giant walking cities roam the landscape evading deadly storms and searching for resources. Immortality is available for the right price, and an ancient conflict is stirring in the heart of the city of Manhatsten.

In this world, there are things worse than death. Mimi, a homeless woman from nowhere, knows all too well what that means.

She thought she was unique, that there were no other telepaths. She was wrong.

Soon, she finds herself in the center of a conflict that has raged since the cities took their first steps over a thousand years ago. But this time, there might be no escape. This time, the city might just recycle her.

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