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4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Michael, I’m an anthropologist and filmmaker in Detroit. Just discovered your “Anthropology in 10 or Less” series and your website and wanted to congratulate and thank you for your work! It will do a lot of good in the world.

  2. Fine artist, 1982 creator of cartoon characters, Earths most Useful super heroes; PotMan & Courteous Cannabis. www. potman . US – fb= Utilize Potman, CannabiSustainability, 420Healthy Way, ect.
    “I have been researching & educating for 9 years now. Sustainability is what cannabis can Help us with. Nearly everything that is wrong & toxic in the world, can be Linked To 1937 Prohibition, just read my fb posts, or 1941 Hemp Car. My Painting is worthy of being this centuries Most Important Art Painting because of the Truth it conveys. The Message portrayed in my painting titled; “Cannabisolutions”, far exceeds the artwork itself! It’s a matter of “Cannabis Sustainability Knowledge” that will save Humanity and the Environments on Earth. Too bad the suppression of Hemp and my artwork hurts everyone & everything.

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