Short Fiction

Here are some of my published short fiction. Below you will find some free samples.

A Dark Short Story

All must seek the eye of the wood, the clearing at the center of the forest. For within lay the only hope to keep the living, hungry darkness at bay.
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A dark sci-fi/horror short story

In the near future, it is possible to shed your skin for a better body. The procedure is brutal, but many believe it is worth the cost. There are rumors that the procedure does something else too… something sinister. Kelly, who never really wanted the procedure in the first place, is about to discover the truth one way or another.

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Free Short Fiction in Text and Audio Format

A Man in the Mirror

A piece of flash fiction and lyrical poetry in the style of Edgar Allen Poe and the tale of an evil sorcerer

Simulacra (Flash Fiction)

When it’s discovered that the world is nothing but a simulation, one brave man will dare to water his tomatoes

On Arrival (Audio Version)

In space nothing is every quite what you think it is. Told through a series of old data transmissions from four light years away… something terrible happened to two astronauts… but it’s stranger than they ever expected.

 Warm Springs (A Short Tale of Terror in Podcast Form)

A trip to the hot springs turns out to be anything but relaxing. Something dark waits in the trees…

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