Chronicles of the Great Migration

More than 1300 years in the future humans are confined to live in giant walking cities…

The Chronicles of the Great Migration is currently broken up into six volumes.

Book 1: Mimi of the Nowhere

Mimi thought she was the only telepath. She was wrong. Nothing could have prepared her for the hidden world she’s about to uncover.

Climate Change was far worse than anyone ever predicted. Centuries from now, humans live in giant walking cities, and in the city of Manhatsten, Mimi is homeless.

For centuries she has roamed the underground, trying to avoid trouble. But despite all of her knowledge and experience, she’s about to discover, there are things worse than death. Will she press on, or will the city recycle her?

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Book 2: Upon Stilted Cities: The Winds of Change

The Children of Gaia won’t stop until every last walking city is destroyed.

The city of Langeles is rubble, resources are dwindling, and storm systems are larger than ever before. The people of Manhasten are in great danger, and they don’t even know it yet.

Life in the city hasn’t changed much in the forty years since Mimi joined her telepathic sisters of The Order of the Eye, but the winds of change are blowing, and their enemy, the Children of Gaia wait in the shadows to turn the city to ash. At the center of it all is one man, a man as ancient as the city of Manhasten itself, a man designated Runner 17. A man who is more then he knows, and maybe the only one who can save the city and the rest of humanity.

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Book 3: Upon Stilted Cities: The Battle for Langeles

The Ruins of Langeles are up for grabs, and two walking cities stand on the brink of war.

Saud has arrived, Runner 17 is near death, the women of Nowhere are missing, and Roderick’s plot to destroy Manhatsten is underway. Never before has Manhatsten faced such danger. Enemies lurk both inside and outside the city, and there is an assassin in Daniels’s ranks.

It will take all the power of the sisters of the Order of the Eye to protect the city. But Alexa Turon has seen the future and she knows what’s coming. She knows if they don’t do something, the city will fall. Can she and her new allies change the future or is too late to stop the inevitable?

Available October 17th 2018

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Book 4: Serah of the Runners

TBA Spring 2019

Book 5: The Children of AEIS

TBA Summer 2019

Book 6: A Hand to the Stars

TBA Fall 2019