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Mimi of the Nowhere (Part of the Chronicles of the Great Migration) 5/17/2018

Life on the street is hard. Drug dealers, thieves, and even the security officers of the giant walking city of Manhatsten are up to no good. But somehow, Mimi’s done it for centuries. Of course, it helps that she is able to peak into other people’s minds and avoid trouble most of the time. Unfortunately, that same talent is about to get her into a whole other world of trouble. One that she never even knew existed.


Upon Stilted Cities (Part of the Chronicles of the Great Migration)

Part 1: The Winds of Change  7/17/2018

Part 2: The Battle for Langeles  8/17/2018

Almost 1300 years ago the earth became nearly uninhabitable. The result? Millions of human beings are confined to live on giant shielded walking cities, ever evading massive storm systems and scouring the earth for the raw materials to maintain their lives. But now, resources are becoming scarce and an organization calling themselves, ‘The Children of Gaia’ have appeared, vowing to cleanse the earth of all walking cities. War is brewing and a battle for survival has begun.

Secrets of the Plantation (Working Title) 9/17/2018

It’s been known for a while know that the slave quarters on American plantations have yielded some fascinating archeological data. As one of the foremost experts in the field, Dr. Marcus Jordan is no stranger to these excavations. After all, his own ancestry is filled with deeply rooted connections to both slave and master. So, when he takes some of his students on a summer field excavation on the plantation owned by his own ancestors and finds a strange sealed trap door with ancient Sumerian etched in the wood, he is puzzled. What could possibly be hidden below? Soon, Dr. Jordan learns that perhaps some doors should never be opened.

A Blooming Rose


Jackson has a clone problem. A few years back he cloned his dead wife. The problem is, someone keeps killing the clones and the police seem to think he did it. So when someone bursts into his hotel room guns blazing, and it turns out to be a yet another clone of his wife, he just had to do something. Soon he finds himself neck deep in the underground world of illegal clones, black markets, and twisted scientific experiments and he finds himself asking, just how exactly did his wife die?

The MLM 11/17/2018

Mark’s wife Karen is a Multi-level Marketing addict. But so far, she hasn’t found that perfect fit. When Karen comes home after getting involved with a brand new MLM, with a miraculous crystal, Mark is suspicious. It isn’t long before strange things start happening and Mark learns a whole new meaning for the term Multi-Level Marketing.

Serah of the Runners 1/17/2019

A short novel that explores the stories of some of the minor characters living in Manhatsten and their experiences following the events of Upon Stilted Cities and Mimi of the Nowhere

The Children of AEIS (Direct Sequel to Upon Stilted Cities) 3/17/2019

Beginning minutes after the end of Upon Stilted Cities, this is the continuation of the story of the Chronicles of the Great Migration

Short Stories

Short fiction that ranges from Sci-Fi to Horror to Fantasy

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