It’s Release Day for A Luminous Liminality!!!

It’s release day for my newest (and sixth) book, A Luminous Liminality: A Collection of Poetry & Art. The book represents 10 years of my artwork and poetry and is my very first collection of poetry and art. This last week I got the first proofs of the book and I’ve included some pictures of the final product. A Luminous Liminality has both an ebook version and a paperback version. I recommend the paperback version to get the full experience of all the color images. Please note that prints are always available for my artwork. You can find my artwork at this page if you’re curious about it.

The book is broken down into three seasons. A season of sentimentality (poems and art about emotional life), A season of reflection (Self reflection and reflection on our culture) and, A season of transformation (realization, personal growth, change). I really wanted to show many sides of my life and experience in this book. There are poems about love, loss, hope, bitterness, frustration, hope, persistence, growth, and meditation. Oh, there’s even a poem on anthropology. The book is really about my journey over the last ten years.

I hope you enjoy it. You can find it on Ebook from all your favorite digital stores and on paperback via Amazon all at this one link. Simply click whatever service you’d like to use.

NaNoWriMo Book Announcment!

This year I have decided to participateĀ in NaNoWriMo and attempt to write a book of 50,000 words or more during the month of November. You can follow my progress atĀ LoridiansLab at NaNoWriMo

Recently I surveyed some of my followers on three different books. Today I am announcing the winner of that Survey and the project I will be working for the month of November.

So here it is:

By Starlight Cover


Elian Anvil is a freelance Master Star Forger from the planet Rolantuz in what humans know as the Pleiades constellation. Armed with the science to turn a gas giant into a sun and provide limitless energy to all mankind, for a very modest fee, of course, he sets out to change the world.

Or is he? Locked up inside a psychiatric ward Elian, who the banal doctors insist that his real name is Peter Thompson, is just waiting for the right time to take action, or whenever his damn ship arrives.


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