2 thoughts on “Anth in 10 or Less Episode 2

  1. Another terrific episode. And your examples will speak to students intriguingly. If you do another version, my only suggestion would be to add “contested” to your list of attributes of “culture.” That’s the gist of all the major theoretical work in anthropology over the past several decades. Your closing hint of the next episode’s theme (Cultural Appropriation) speaks to that!

    • Thank you so much for the feedback. It is much appreciated. I tried to hint at contested with my brief mention that power and culture have to be constantly renewed or renegotiated. It is very difficult to fit all these concepts into a 10-minute episode. The original script was 18 minutes in length and so I had to really cut a lot.

      Maybe in the future, if people are really into the show I can make longer episodes.

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