First new piece of artwork and poetry for 2017!

There is a lot to come this year, I have a number of short stories in the works. I am also editing Upon Stilted Cities parts 1 and 2 (which have been recombined into one book) and I am also working on a novella. It’s gonna be a great year for creative projects. Enjoy!



penetration By,

choices, changes and the cyclical regurgitation of the will to comply

algorithms and stereotypes

false hopes in finger swipes

the problem?

i am bOund by perception

i am wanting new direction

i am dissatisfied with my lot

but silent? ha! i am not.

i am vociferous

i am malicious

i am calculating

i am aggravating

i am Devastating

too many “i’s”

constantly Heaving heavy sighs

it’s time to consider my own demise

call it what it is

all of it


but there is a way out.

It’s right here

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