Chapter 3 of Upon Stilted Cities is Up

You can now find the prologue and Chapters 1-3 up at InkShares. Just click the read button at the following link. Upon Stilted Cities

Chapter 3: Security Detail: 
Chapter 3 Security Detail
Major John Daniels is a veteran. For nearly 13 centuries he’s stood faithfully at his post overseeing the city of Manhasten keeping the city safe in its endless migration along the barren landscape. What Daniels doesn’t realize, is that everything is about to end.


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Upon Stilted Cities and Inkshares…

It’s been a long time since I have shared any news on Upon Stilted Cities so here are a few pieces.




1. I have launched a page on InkShares, a website that is a mix between a publisher and Kickstarter for Upon Stilted Cities. For now, I am just building a following and have not launched an official campaign. However here’s where the news comes in.

A new chapter from Upon Stilted Cities is now up on their website for free. Some of you may have read the prologue. So you will find Chapter 1: Designation Runner 17 up at the following link. Upon Stilted Cities It is likely that in the next few weeks I will place several more chapters up there from the book that will introduce several other main characters. The book is going through one final edit and if I am not able to get published via this website, it will be up before the fall season, self-published.

2. Mimi of the Nowhere, a prequel to the events of Upon Stilted Cities will be serialized on this blog later this month. The text is a novella and is also going through one last round of edits before it goes up on here. I will publish a chapter a week, once it begins. Mimi’s story will give readers a look at the life of one remarkable homeless women, living in the belly of the giant walking city of Manhasten.

3. I have several other pieces in the works. Some of them are related to the Upon Stilted Cities Universe (which I am currently calling the series: The Chronicles of the Great Migration as it will be a trilogy) and some are more stand alone.

In any case, the reason I haven’t posted much is because I have been busy writing and making pretty significant progress. For more news, you can follow this blog or visit the Upon Stilted Cities page to enter your email and sign up for my soon to launch newsletter.

Beneficial Flame


There are moments in our lives when we feel the fire of rage.

All is in a fog, all is unclear, all is distorted. Yet in the center of that rage, we believe that there is clarity, that we know what the right course of action is.

We confirm our truth.

We allow our preconceptions to build on perception and solidify. It becomes tangible. To us, there is a kind of beauty in that anger. We lust for it.

Like a flower, it seems to have bloomed from some place righteous, some place justified. And those who will be the victims of our rage will receive their just reward.

Yet after, what does it make? How was it of benefit? Did the flame burn truth into the brow of our enemy?

Most often, anger burns the one who wields it, like one who lit a match and held it too long. Scorched fingers.

Patience douses the fire with water.

Sit in the center of the flame and watch it. Let it burn but do not feed it.

Sit in the center and whisper the sacred syllable, Hung.

Watch it transform.

Watch you transform.

Give it space.

Rest in Mind.