The Mastery

The Mastery

The Mastery

It’s all there,

What we once were,

What we are.

It never left the heart.

I assure you.


Patient Shadows can abide in darkness.

And As we walk forward on the grated metal path,

Can you hear that echo against your feet?

It means you’re moving.

It means you’re making progress.

But what progress is needed,

When it’s all there already?

There’s no need to deny it.

I assure you.


Patient Shadows burn in the brilliant light,

They don’t mind.

There’s no pain.

I assure you.


Do you see the path yet?

It’s outlined,

it’s obvious

What’s the matter?

Don’t you trust it?

Your eyes don’t deceive you.

It’s safe,

I assure you.


The shadows is in you,

Why do you run?



Smell the sweet scent of the flowers.

Or the Fucking Roses.

Does your heart quicken?

It should.

There’s no puzzle,

No pieces missing.

It’s all there.

I assure you.


But don’t listen to me.

Maybe I’m a lying bastard.

Look up,

Walk the path,

See the shadows,

Smell the roses,

Find the fuck out for yourself.

That’s the only way you’ll know.

I assure you.

Wisdom Sits

Wisdom SitsWisdom Sits


Some of us chase it.

Like a lioness stalking a gazelle

We hope that after many failed hunts,

We will learn that right moment to strike,

We will learn that effortlessness,

So that we may gorge ourselves,

And feast on the entrails of the great masters.


Some of us read and study

And spend endless days tallying terms and ideas

Like accountants during tax season

We hope that one day,

The great epiphany will rise,

Like a snake’s head in tall grass.

And all the words will belch,

Their great secrets,

Granting Enlightenment


But often,

When we find it,

Its simplicity confounds us.

Some have a glance or receive a cursory nod,

But those who merge with it,

Who like butter on bread merge and meld for a better taste,

They understand its simplicity.

Wisdom Sits.


The Dark


The Dark

I am shadow

See me?

Of course you don’t.

You don’t want to.

You want to ignore me, to suppress me, to gag me

And to hide my little atrocities.

But I am dark,

Blacker then black.

Not even the brightest of stars can hold me back forever.

Even my spoilt wings are made from the corpses of dead Ravens

Their blood my medicine

On them I feed.


Seek me out in the darkest of places.

You will find Wisdom there,

But not for the faint of heart.

Merge with it,

Let the deepest dark seep into your soul as plastic melts over smoldering ash.

Let it shape you, mold you, feed you.

Accept it and then,

Burn it down.

Smash it to pieces.

Let the blood drip from my lips,

And like water, quench your thirst.

Let me show you dark,

So you can understand light.