Cover Art for Upon Stilted Cities: Winds of Change

Special thanks for the remarkable work of Gabriel Perez an amazing Sci-Fi artist! The cover art of Upon Stilted Cities: The Winds of Change is here! Some sample Chapters are below, but remember they contain spoilers for Mimi of the Nowhere (which you can get here) so be warned.


Forty Years after the events of Mimi of the Nowhere the city of Manhasten is in danger. It just doesn’t know it yet. An organization known as the Children of Gaia has returned from the ancient past and destroyed the city of Langeles. Resurrected and more powerful than ever, their leader is hell-bent on destroying every single remaining city that roams the earth. At the center of it all, is one man, a man as ancient as the city of Manhasten itself, a man designated, Runner 17.

Final Cover!!!!

Sample Chapters 

Prologue and Chapter 1 Here (No Spoilers there to worry about)

Chapter 2: A Return to Nowhere (Spoilers Here) 


Writing and Storytelling on Patreon

I have a bit of a problem. I have all these fascinating story ideas (my drafts folder is well over a 100 documents long) and so little time or space to write them. Some of these are novels and some of these are short stories. So, I thought to myself how can I create a scenario where I have more time and opportunities to explore some of these interesting worlds?
Enter Patreon. Now if you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s a space for people to support projects and ideas they love. Basically, it’s a crowdfunding site that people can subscribe too and get something in return.
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So, I thought to myself, well, maybe what I can do is start to create a space for people to have exclusive access to some new stories and ideas that I have. But, I also know that many of us are struggling out there, so I didn’t want to make the cost too burdensome for anyone. I decided that my entry level would be $2 a month. So long as you are subscribed at that level you get one free story (either a short story or a seralized piece) that you can’t find anywhere else. You also have access to early chapters to forthcoming novels and novellas and updates on my projects.

There are also higher tiers for people who want to do things like join in on Monthly Q&As, signed copies and even at the highest level, personalized stories. So, check it out.

The very first subscriber post is already up. It is a sneak peek at some early sketches for the artwork for my next novel Upon Stilted Cities. 

My new cover artist is the very talented Gabriel Perez. You can find his work at