It is beckoned by gravity’s song,

Pulled ever forward, ever along.

Dodging left and right,

Hoping to stay out of sight.

The secret is here, in the act,

In the movement, in the contract.

Down it goes, it jerks, it resists,

Until it mergers from a single kiss.

It kisses some more and increases its speed,

It becomes heavy, weighted down, a larger bead.

It clings tight, to the metal, all it knows,

But it cannot grasp forever, it must let go.

It loses its grip and cascades down,

It lands in the water but does not drown.

Instead, it merges, it melds, it becomes,

Connected existence, it succumbs.

And remembers it forgot all that it knew,

Connected and one, the only real view.

Space and potential, potential and space,

Here, at last, it knows a joy it can embrace.



Flowers fortuitously fade from freedom

A descent begins

In Dank Darkness it Decides on Death

Structures Shatter

Wilting Willfully it Waits, Watching

Soon, only essence remains

Silence Sips,

Space Stutters,

Stars Shutter

Potential, only potential


All is empty



Converging Chemicals Create Clear Conditions

Something Stirs

Excitedly it Emerges from Emptiness



Sharing the Silence, the Softness, the Stars

Until Descent