It takes a child,
To measure our pride,
To softly know of simple love.
What wonder is finite
In the universe of imagination?
By what measurements can we justify
The boundless design of simple curiosity?
There is hope beyond the ‘me’ and ‘mine’ of early ignorance.
An amalgamation of then and now.
It is the breaking lose of joy that accompanies compassion
It is the skipping of rocks across a pond,
And the simple sharing in water in singular moments.
Yes, it takes a child,
To show me the way back.

Door to Nowhere

Door to Nowhere

Door to Nowhere

Down the hall and to the left

Then back round again

The door stands before the dark corridor

I look

There is light there

But Vision is blurry

Legs are tied

Will is waning

No time now

How many more doors to nowhere?

Was this the last dead end?

Only one way to know