Giving Away Free Copies of Build Better Worlds!!!

I’m happy to announce that my co-author Kyra Wellstrom and I, are giving away free copies of Build Better Worlds: An Introduction to Anthropology for Game Designers, Fiction Writers, and Filmmakers over on Goodreads until January 30th! There are 100 kindle copies available for giveaway through the site and while that might sound like a lot, there are already 140 people who have entered at the time of this posting.

If you’ve been looking for a worldbuilding book that incorporates real social science or if you’ve been perusing the free resources on this website, you should definitely enter the giveaway. You can do that here!

Of course, if you don’t win, the ebook version is only 6.99 over on

If you win a free copy, don’t forget to rate and review it once you finish reading! Remember rating and reviewing (yes even negative reviews) are helpful to other readers so that they can find the book that’s right for them.