Here are just a few testimonials of Loridian’s Laboratory and Michael Kilman’s work. 

“Michael has an astonishingly good eye, excellent technique, and nails deadlines: I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” – Cerinda C

“Michael was my assistant editor on a documentary film. Together, we cut a 50 minute movie in three weeks. It is safe to say that without Michael, I would not have been able to finish the film on time. I can recommend him and can say that he would be a value to your team.” – Wolfgang M

“Michael is a very hard and creative worker. He will commit and complete a project by the deadline you give him and will do so tastefully. He has good experience in a large variety of projects that will benefit anyone that is looking for a solid video editor, producer or videographer.” – Sam K

“I have worked with Michael on several different fast-paced video productions where he was always 100% reliable and got the job done and done well. He would be a definite asset to any crew.” – Brad C


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