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The question is, what do you need translated?

Michael Kilman: Instructional Designer, Content Creator, Cross-Cultural Consultant

In the 21st century, where facts and figures float in an ocean of misinformation, education is far more about translating concepts and ideas across individual and cultural norms and boundaries. For more than a decade, I’ve been creating educational content in a wide variety of sectors including university classrooms, in media, and in written and visual formats.

As a trained anthropologist and qualitative researcher, who specializes in media and storytelling, I understand what it means to create accessible content across cultures and working groups. With almost a decade of experience teaching, running educational field schools, and management in both the media sector and the service industry, I have extensive experience in creating content that is accessible and interesting for a wide variety of audiences.

Core Skills and Relevant Experience:

  • An M.S. in applied anthropology with a focus on media and qualitative research
  • 8 years teaching at a university level with classes including: Cultural Diversity in the Modern World (Redesigned this course), Cross-Cultural Communication, Vanishing Cultures (on Indigenous People), Visual And Media Anthropology (Designed This Course), Intro To Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology Through Science Fiction (Designed This Course), The Cultural of Globalization and Economic Development (Graduate Level Course)
  • Extensive knowledge of LMS software such as Canvas, D2L, and Blackboard
  • 18 Years of freelance media experience in video and photography
  • Senior video editor of my student news room as well as more than a dozen article published in the Denver Post
  • Creation of an innovative and unique textbook (see past projects below)
  • Creation of an educational YouTube series and podcast on anthropology for the general public (see below)
  • Publication of 4 science fiction novels (one award winning), multiple short stories and podcasts
  • Gave a Ted Talk titled Anthropology, Our Imagination, and How to Understand Difference
  • Field supervisor on an summer educational student internship program on Ute Mountain Ute Indian Reservation
  • Various qualitative research projects in sites such as Nueve Leon, Mexico, Nellis Airforce Base in Nevada with 17 Native American Tribes, in Denver, Colorado and Portland Oregon.
  • Creation of educational and promotional video content for non-profit organizations such as Nuba Water Project, The Language Hunters, The Romero Theater Troupe, the Auraria Library, The Catholic Church, and The University of Colorado at Anschutz
  • Interview transcription and content analysis
  • Experience training individuals in qualitative research, creative writing, and video production
  • Literature review
  • Corporate consulting on post-pandemic cultural changes
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Public speaking and science communication
  • Planned 5 academic conferences and presented and participated at dozens more

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Past Projects

Worldbuilding in the Classroom (click for more detail)

Teaching Diversity and Culture Through Fictional Worldbuilding in College Classrooms and Beyond

Cover Designs I created for personal and professional projects.

  • A Luminous Liminality Book Cover
  • Eye of the Wood Book Cover

Anthropology in 10 or Less

Production of A YouTube series that teaches core concepts of Anthropology in Less Than 10 Minutes via Anthropology in 10 or Less

Featured Episode: The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

Educational Videos for Non-Profit Organizations

The Language Hunters: A Non-Profit Organization that gamified language restoration for languages on the verge of extinction

Colorado and the West: Native American History in Colorado: A program by Auraria Library to give voice to stories of the past that are lesser known.