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Mimi of the Nowhere WebEbookCoverHomeless and Living in a Giant Walking City.

Climate Change was far worse than anyone ever predicted. Centuries from now, humans live in giant walking cities, and in the city of Manhasten, Mimi is homeless.

For centuries Mimi has roamed the underground of what was once the island of Manhattan. Avoiding drug dealers, security officers and other kinds of trouble, Mimi thought that she’d seen everything. But despite all of her knowledge and experience, nothing would prepare her for the hidden world she’s about to uncover. She thought she was unique, that there was no one else like her, but Mimi is about to discover that she isn’t the only one that can read minds.

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The Sequel to Mimi of the Nowhere has arrived!  Upon Stilted Cities: The Winds of Change is available to purchase at your favorite online bookstores.