My Life in His Hands Review and Recommendation

I am an avid reader, and so sometimes I run across unique and interesting books that I think are worth recommending. Two days ago, I picked up the book My Life in His Hands by author Sarah Louise Rosmond and I loved it.

The book is the first of three about the life of the author, who grew up in a terribly abusive household under a monstrous father and how she endures years of abuse, both physical and sexual.

That topic may not sound like something most people would want to read but the author has a unique voice, one that is capable of displaying that despite all of this, there is a sense of hope and persistence that we can all aspire to. The blatant honesty and presence in every paragraph drive you forward. The pacing is just excellent and I read the entire first book in just a little over twenty-four hours.

I simply cannot recommend this book enough and I am already reading book 2 to find out what happens next. I am certain I will finish the trilogy in relatively short order.

5/5 Stars (You can see my goodreads review here)

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